Cassia Fistula (Golden Tree)

Cassia Fistula (Golden Tree)


Cassia fistula is a fast growing and striking deciduous tree with ovately shaped lush green foliage and spectacular drooping clusters of fragrant golden yellow rotate flowers that bloom profucely during spring and summer. This beautiful, highly ornamental tree is excellent for use as a shade or shelter tree in parks and gardens.


Plant in an open, sunny position with moist and well drained soil. Tolerates dry conditions, light frost and pollution. Water well after planting until established. Cassia fistula will grow to a height of 4m and a width of 4m.

Origin: India, Malaysia and Southeast Asia.

Height: 12m

Light: Partial shade, Full Shade.

Water: In summer lots of water, in spring moderate water and in winter average water.

Soil: Loamy soil, well drained, with a soil pH been Acidic, Neutral, Alkaline.

Fertilizer: All-Purpose Liquid Fertilizer, slow-release fertilizers