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A sturdy flowering perennial that grows in low clumps and hails from Australia, Dianella can play a similar role to ornamental grasses in a landscape.


Easy-care, all-season color. Flax Lily’s sword-like leaves edged with white add great texture and sparkling contrast when planted near dark-leaved shrubs, broad-leaved plants, or bright flowers. Loose sprays of starry-purple flowers are followed by attractive black berries.Very nice for planting around swimming pools.

Origin: East tropical Africa and Madagascar to China, Australia and the South Pacific

Height: 2-4' (0.6-1.2m)

Light: Although the variegated flax lily does well when planted in shady locations, it does best when it receives full or partial sun for most of the day. In fact, plants grown in the shade are more susceptible to scale, a tiny insect that attaches itself to the undersides of the flax lily’s leaves and feeds on it by sucking out the juices.

Moisture: The variegated flax lily requires consistently moist soil during its first growing season. This helps it establish the strong, deep root system that allows it to tolerate drought conditions later in its life. In its second and subsequent seasons, water it only during periods of extreme drought. If other plants in the garden are experiencing drought stress, the flax lily probably is as well, so water it slowly to a depth of 10 inches.

Fertilizer: The ideal time to fertilize the variegated flax lily is just before it produces new spring growth. Choose a fertilizer labeled for use on azaleas and camellias, and apply it to the soil around the plant. To avoid burning the flax lily, don’t place the fertilizer too near the base of the plant or allow it to drop on the foliage. Use the hose to wash away any fertilizer granules that land on the leaves.