Ehretia ball shape

Ehretia ball shape

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Carmona retusa, also known as the Fukien tea tree or Philippine tea tree, is a species of flowering plant in the borage family, Boraginaceae.


Ehretia microphylla is a shrub with Small white flowers. Grows well throughout the year.

Origin: E. Asia - China to the Himalayas.

Height: 9 m (29ft 6in)

Light: Likes a bright position (1000 Lux). Most sources recommend only about an hour of direct sunlight daily, although success has been reported growing it in a sunny position all day.

Temperature: Ehretia prefers temperatures between 60-72F in winter, although occasional dips into the forties produce no ill effects. In the summer, most books recommend protection from extreme heat, although the plant has been successfully grown in sweltering Texas weather. Ehretia does not like drafts.

Water: Keep well watered, reducing watering only slightly in winter. Never allow Ehretia to stand in water, or allow the soil to dry out completely. Frequent misting will discourage spider mites, but will apparently encourage mealy bugs. Choose your poison! Ehretia anacua, a Texas native, is more resistant to drafts, and likes to dry out a bit between waterings, but should not be allowed to become bone dry.

Feeding: Every two weeks during growth, every four-six weeks in winter. Use bonsai food or half strength plant food. Do NOT use Miracid. Fukien tea does not like to be overfed; Feeding weekly has been reported with success

Propagation: By seed or softwood cuttings in spring or summer. Cuttings root more readily if given bottom heat.