Euphorbia Milli (Crown Of Thorns)

Euphorbia Milli (Crown Of Thorns)

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Euphorbia milii, commonly called Crown of Thorns, is a sprawling evergreen shrub with succulent branches lined with long, sharp, black thorns and sparsely leafed. It grows as a succulent, leafy and thorny shrub, reaching a height between 10 – 50 cm, depending on the age. The name Christ plant is due to the resemblance between its branches and Christ’s crown of thorns.

Origin: Madagascar

Height: When grown in outdoor gardens in warm areas, they grow at 3 inches (7-8 cm) tall, and when grown indoors they are about 2 inches (5-6 cm) tall.

Light Requirements: Full, direct sunlight.

Watering: Water once the top inch of soil is dry. Can tolerate underwatering but will drop leaves.

Soil: Cactus potting mix or make your own with equal parts potting soil, coarse sand and perlite.

Temperature:  65-90°F (18-32°C). May start to lose leaves below 60°F (15°C).

Fertilizer:  A succulent formula with lower nitrogen and NPK values like 2-4-7 or 3-4-5 is suitable. Higher nitrogen will promote foliage without blooms.

Humidity: Low to medium humidity. Not fussy.

Pruning: Responds well to pruning to shape plant. Wear gloves as sap is irritant to skin.