Schefflera Arboricola Gold Capella

Schefflera Arboricola Gold Capella


Commonly known as Umbrella Plant or Starleaf, this Schefflera arboricola has variegated, shiny foliage; it needs plenty of indirect especially when it hasn't much green on the leaves.


They make wonderful and popular easy to care for houseplants.     


Schefflera is a plant that is great for the beginners to the house plant enthusiasts. Its easy to grow and does not require much other than watering. The key to success is give this plant a nice watering, then let it dry and repeat. You'll often see the leaves begin to yellow if you're over watering. This variety is different in that it has spots of gold throughout!

Origin: Taiwan

Height: 4-6ft

Light: Schefflera plants are medium light plants, which means that they need bright but indirect light. A common complaint about schefflera plants is that they get leggy and floppy. This problem is caused by too little light. Making sure that you are growing schefflera in the right kind of light will help prevent leggy growth. On the other side, you do not want to place a schefflera houseplant in direct, bright light, as this will burn the leaves.

Water : When growing schefflera, be aware that watering correctly will help to keep your schefflera houseplant healthy. To water correctly, wait until the soil in the pot dries out and then thoroughly soak the soil when you water. Often, people will over water their schefflera plant and this will eventually kill it. Yellow leaves that fall off the plant is a sign that you may be watering too much.

Temperature: Normal household conditions 15-24°C. Avoid draughts.

Pruning: Your schefflera may also need to be pruned occasionally, especially if it is not getting quite enough light. Pruning a schefflera is simple. Just cut off what you feel is overgrown or leggy back to a size or shape you like. Schefflera houseplants rebound quickly from pruning and will look even fuller and more lush shortly after pruning.

Fertilizer: You do not need to fertilize your schefflera, but if you would like to, you can give it a half solution water soluble fertilizer once a year.